HTML5 and beyond slides: HTML5 tags, HTML5 APIs and CSS3 slides

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I have updated my "HTML5 and beyond" slides. I now use the great reveal.js library.

The "HTML5 and beyond slides" are a presentation of HTML5, of other proposals that often get thrown in the HTML5 pot and also an introduction to CSS3.

You can find v2 of the HTML5 / CSS3 slides at

Use the arrow keys (Up / Down / Left and Right) to navigate through the slides. A lot of slides have "sub slides", that you can access by pressing the down button. The arrows display in the bottom right, on any slide, show you if you can move down on a given slide. Press [ESC] to enter the slide overview. The overview helps you to quickly navigate through the slides.

If you want to fork the slides, you can find them in my GitHub repository.

The new version uses reveal.js library, the previous version were created using an old google io slides version which did not work well anymore.

If you find inaccuracies or bugs in the slides, please report them in the comments section below this article.