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HTML5: new tag attributes

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In previous articles I have tried to explain which new tags HTML5 allows us to use, but there are also lots of new tag attributes that are available, it is at least as important to know those new attributes as it is to know the new HTML5 tags.

HTML5 deprecated tags

It's good when you know the new HTML5 and use them, but there are also tags that are not supported anymore, you should avoid using them and remove them from your content when you do an update.

Tags not supported by HTML5 anymore:

HTML5 new tags: section, article, aside, hgroup, header, footer, nav, figure, figcaption

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Here is a list of new HTML5 tags that were not present in previous versions of html like xhtml 1.1 or html4.

Other articles in this series about new HTML5 tags are "HTML5 new tags and old tags with new behavior: ruby, rt, rp, bdi, wbr, canvas, command, menu, details, summary, datalist, keygen, output, address, div" and "HTML5 new tags: video, track, embed, object, mark, progress, meter, time".

Can I use the new HTML5 now?

Yes you can, but you need to use the HTML5shiv javascript for IE lower then version 9, or use modernizr where the HTML5 shiv is built in. The shiv script is a little javascript that enables HTML5 in browsers older then ie9. The advantage of using the new HTML5 right now is the semantic plus they will give you, it's always good to add semantic value to content because it can enhance your SEO quality.

What's new in HTML5

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In this second article about HTML5 i try to show some of the things that will change if you decide to use HTML5:

  • what is the difference between HTML4.01 and HTML5
  • attribute quotes syntax
  • self closing tags
  • the type attribute
  • HTML5 outlining

I hope i will be able to answer the questions, what's the difference between HTML5 an previous versions of html? What is new in HTML5? Why do some tags not need any type attribute anymore? What is outlining?

HTML5 and beyond

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The history of HTML5

HTML5 is a standard from W3C. The W3C is a consortium of organizations like Mozilla and firms like Google that have an interest in building standards for the Web. But it's not the W3C who started working on HTML5, it's the WHATWG which started working on HTML5 in mid 2004 right after it was founded. The WHATWG is a group of individuals working in the Web Industry which was founded to make the web standards evolve faster. In the beginning of 2006 the W3C took over the WHATWG HTML5 draft an started working on it.

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