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step 1: centOS server installation and configuration series

This article is a series of articles in which i describe howto setup a dedicated server.

For my blog i wanted to test lots of new tools and ways to create a website. I will describe howto install Nginx with php-fpm as server. Nginx will get several virtual hosts, a "normal" vhost, an SSL vhost (howto add an SSL certificate to Nginx) as well as a sub-domain vhost. I will also use APC a pear package to speed up the execution of php scripts through opcode caching. As database i have choosen to use MongoDB a nice NoSQL database. I will also describe howto setup Bind DNS (chrooted) to manage domains, sub-domains as well as entries like a CNAME to replace the ugly Amazon Cloud Urls. As a CDN i will use Amazon Cloudfront. As FTP Server i will show you howto install VSFTP and howto create user accounts.

This first article will explain howto connect to your Server through SSH, i will use Putty for this task, read on if you want to know more.

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