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Zend Framework 1 tutorial Part 3: The ZF project htaccess file

If you have read the you should have created a public directory and if you installed XAMPP by using the following XAMPP tutorial, this directory will probably be in "C:\xampp\htdocs\myapp\public". Open the "public" folder of your app and create a new file called ".htacess" using your text editor or your IDE. If you can't see the htaccess file in the public folder after creating it, open the view "tab" in the Windows Explorer and enable "File name extensions and Hidden items" by clicking the checkbox next to it.

Adding an environment variable to our htaccess

The first thing we will add to our htaccess file is the environment variable. Our app will have an environment variable which will have three possible values, the first one is "development", the second one is "testing" and the third one is "production". "development" will be the environment type we will use while developing our application. "testing" is the environment variable value we will use while testing of our application and finally "production" is application environment we will use after we have deployed our application on the production server(s).

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