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step 6: install and configure php5, php-fpm and apc

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We have just installed Nginx and now we want to host the php application we made. This is when php-fpm comes into play. Since the day i started playing around with php-fpm i loved it. You install php-fpm and then using the powerful configuration files you can setup multiple vhost on a single machine. Each php-fpm pool, can have it's own socket or run on it's own port, you can setup a different user and group for each pool and put as many ftp-users in that group as you want. You can even chroot the directory you as nginx public web directory, have an own php-ini per vhost and therefore also setup a different sessions folder for each pool.

install php5 and php-fpm:

php-fpm (PHP fastCGI process manager) is available in the remy repo which depends on the epel repo:

I wanted the remi repo "Enterprise Linux 6 (with EPEL)" package, you may have to use another one depending on your OS and version, i used centos6 and therefore choosed to use the following commands:

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